Classic Center Cultural Foundation

Our Mission
The Classic Center Cultural Foundation will provide resources to entertain and educate our community by providing and supporting diverse performing, visual, and culinary arts programs, while working to maintain The Classic Center in a state-of-the-art condition.

How We Complete the Mission
  • Supports shows which will expand the cultural offering of The Classic Center and support outreach programs to broaden the exposure of the arts to people of the community.
  • Provides funds to purchase art from local artists to hang in The Classic Center.
  • Awards grants to performing arts groups and scholarships to local art students in performing and culinary arts.
  • Maintain The Classic Center in pristine condition.
  • Oversees two rotating art galleries.
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Classic Center Cultural Foundation Board of Trustees

  • Richard Boone
  • Paul Cramer
  • Archie Crenshaw
  • Jack Crowley
  • Matt Dixon
  • Faye Chambers
  • Cardee Kilpatrick
  • Charlie Maddox
  • Paul Martin
  • Gwen O'Looney
  • Jinx Patel
  • William Prokasy
  • Smith Wilson