The Classic Center
Downtown Athens, GA

At the heart of everything we do, we work to ensure that those stopping by The Classic Center for a few days - or a few minutes - walk away with the same feeling. Impressed.  

The Classic Center unveiled its new logo in February 2023, inspired by the stainless-steel structure, “Nest” by artist Maureen Kelly, hanging in the atrium of The Classic Center.  Kaptiv8, an Athens-based creative agency, designed the new visual identity. The logo showcases the importance of art in all its forms while representing the three core values of hospitality, teamwork, and servant-style leadership, the foundation of The Classic Center’s unparalleled service.

Who We Are

Brand Position

The Classic Center provides unparalleled service and exceptional experiences that leave our guests feeling impressed, all while bolstering the economic and cultural well-being of Athens through workforce development and artistic stewardship.

Core Values

Hospitality | Teamwork | Servant Style Leadership

Logo Mark - Three Swooped Elements - Pewter, Gold, and Blue

Inspired by the stainless steel sculpture hanging in the atrium of The Classic Center. The logo mark showcases the importance of art in all its forms while representing three core values, the foundation of The Classic Center’s unparalleled service.

Brand Statement

The culture of Athens, Georgia, is rich, interwoven, full of life, and comprised of passionate individuals helping The Classic City grow. Born out of the first public institution for higher education and fostered by a long history of manufacturing and innovation, Athens has become a beacon across the southern landscape. But we still have much further to go.

To help house the artistic, business, and entertainment ventures that make Athens so unique, an all-purpose convention center opened in 1995. The Classic Center is an unmistakable landmark in the Downtown Athens silhouette. Hosting scores of conventions, competitions, concerts, and much more each year, The Classic Center provides Athens not only with an assembly hall and theatre that would rival our ancient Greek counterparts but a massive economic and cultural boon as well. Aside from being a world-class convention center, The Classic Center represents the past, present, and future of Athens.

The Classic Center is the embodiment of the Athenian spirit. 

For the millions of guests that have walked the halls of The Classic Center over the years, one feeling rises above the others. Impressive. At the heart of everything The Classic Center provides is the drive to impress all who work, visit, or otherwise experience Athens. Whether they stop in for a concert, convention, or for curiosity's sake, they leave feeling impressed. Impressed by the service, the atmosphere, the design, and the history. Impressed by Downtown Athens and its offerings. All feelings that make The Classic Center stand above the rest.

Today, The Classic Center continues to be a leading force in innovation for Athens. Hosting over 700 events each year is no small feat, and the impact on tourism and the local economy cannot be overstated. The Classic Center takes a leadership role in workforce development and hospitality training by acting as a learning lab, working alongside community “partners in education” to provide hands-on training meant to meet individuals where they are and provide innovative insight into the boundless potential of the hospitality industry.  

As a steward of the arts in Athens, The Classic Center Cultural Foundation was established to endorse our city’s storied and cherished artistic tradition by providing resources to entertain and educate the community, cementing its place in bolstering the culture and charm so unique to Athens for those who come next.

Trying to determine what Athens will look like decades from now may feel like a herculean task, but we are uniquely positioned to help shape the future for the better. As we stay rooted in the unique and vibrant downtown community, The Classic Center will connect our storied past with a blazing trail to the future. As The Classic Center evolves, adherence to the core values that we champion daily - servant-style leadership, hospitality, and teamwork - will ensure that we will continue to forge ahead as the guiding light into Athens’ future while embodying the Athenian spirit.