Technical Packets in Athens

Classic Center Theatre

The Classic Center Theatre is a 2,000+ seat performing arts venue with a raked house that includes 2 balconies. In addition, on the technical side, the facility incorporates a full theatrical fly rail counterweight system and full sound and lighting capabilities, as well as a spiral orchestra lift.

Grand Hall

The Classic Center Grand Hall is a rectangular-shaped exhibition space, which can be easily converted into a concert hall. This space is a concrete block and includes provisions for rigging, and can include performance staging, direct drive street or dock access, and sufficient utility connections to support a variety of adaptations, including rock-n-roll.

Theatre Loading Dock GPS Coordinates-
33 Degrees 57' 34.86" N
83 Degrees 22' 18.20" W

Grand Hall 8 Loading Dock GPS Coordinates-
33 Degrees 57' 41.76" N
83 Degrees 22' 22.20" W

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