Facility Layout & Capacities

With a variety of spaces to choose from, you'll find the perfect setting for your special event at The Classic Center. From the elegance of our new Atrium to the historic charm of our Foundry Street Warehouse, we have the location to make your vision into a reality. Our Downtown Athens location provides guests with luxurious accommodations at several hotels in close proximity to The Classic Center. We love to show off our beautiful facility, so contact us today to schedule a tour with one of our event professionals.

Reception Locations & Capacities

Reception Location
Square Feet
Maximum Guest Capacity
Athena Ballroom A-E, F-J, or A-J
9,000 - 17,000 300-800
Empire Room or Oconee River Room
4,000 180
Atrium 8,400 320

Ceremony Locations & Capacities

Locations Capacities
Cypress Room
Olympia Room or Parthenon Room
Ligotti Room
Empire Room or Oconee River Room
Athena Ballroom E, F, or E-F
400 - 800

Ballroom Details

  • The Olympia and Parthenon Ballrooms feature classic décor, including white drapes that create a sophisticated atmosphere.
  • The 130 Foundry Street Building is a beautifully restored warehouse with exposed brick, wood beams, and original warehouse doors. The ballrooms located in this historic building – Empire Room, Oconee River Room, Ligotti Room and Cypress Room – highlight an event to remember.
  • The Athena Ballrooms will wow with their elegance and spaciousness. Crystal chandeliers, high ceilings, and tasteful décor, including white drape, provide the backdrop for the most elegant wedding.