We are committed to your safety.
Ready, Set, Go Safely.  Athens, GA

You can feel safe at this GBAC STARTM-certified facility knowing that the safety of our guests and clients is our number one priority.  Because of this, we have committed to the Ready, Set, Go Safely community-wide campaign to promote and encourage protocols, sanitization, mask-wearing, and other safety measures to mitigate the spread of COVID-19.   

2021 GBAC Star Facility

The Classic Center looks to be a leader in appropriately and responsibly opening its venue to staff and guests.  It will be our objective to provide proactive mitigation and avoidance protocols as it relates to public health to keep our staff and guests as safe as possible.  

Effective April 1, 2021, a signed attendee affidavit is no longer required.

New Event Protocol: Registration, face coverings, increased sanitation, additional staff, staggered


  • Face coverings are required for adults and children ages two and up.  If you do not have one, we will have some for purchase on site. Do not enter the facility without a face covering or if you have any of these symptoms: fever, cough, shortness of breath.
  • The registration process will stagger the entry of the guest and direction will be given at the event to stagger the exit.  Guests will be instructed on a time frame parameter, in 15- to 30-minute increments per 20%, of when to arrive, which entrance, and where (what deck level) within our parking facility to park. This information will be received via email 2 days prior to your event.
  • All guests are required to sign an affidavit of known health and notice of risk prior to your event. Proof of affidavit is required for entry.  
    • Effective April 1, 2021, a signed attendee affidavit is no longer required


  • Registration and check in will be as touch-less as possible for the staff and guests.
  • All restrooms will allow no more than 50% of capacity (relating to total stall counts) at any one given time. All restrooms will be monitored by a CCA staff member to facilitate and assist with capacity and ensure consistent and ongoing sanitization between peak uses. 
  • Hand sanitizers will be made available in a convenient location for those guests utilizing the escalators should they require use of the associated handrails. High touch points will be a constant focus of sanitizing efforts throughout an event by the entirety of Classic Center staff. 
  • The CCA will practice modified room setups that allow for 6-ft minimum distancing of tables, chairs, and other fixed equipment. Occupancy by room is revised to accommodate distancing, and it shall be required to comply with a maximum of 10 people per 300 square feet of meeting room space per state mandates. Maintaining the 6-ft distancing between persons still takes precedent in any room meeting the capacity parameters.
  • Guests who might be ill and/or express such will be immediately isolated and their temperature checked by The Classic Center Manager on Duty. If the individual registers a temperature at our above 100 degrees and/or displays common flu/COVID-19 type symptoms, they will be asked to immediately leave the facility as a precaution.


  • A new clear bag/purse size policy and procedure will be introduced that reduces the possible touching or searching of bags. This program will only impact events that a security screening prior to entry, such as larger ticketed concerts, is deemed required. This protocol will be announced at least 30 days prior to any new implementation so guests and staff are adequately prepared.
  • The Box Office will shift indefinitely to cashless operations. External credit card swipe units will be installed so patrons can swipe themselves. We will no longer be able to make change for guests or staff at functions.
  • When sitting in fixed Theatre seating, same households can sit together up to 6 persons and should not skip seats within the households’ party.  Households aside, Theatre attendees and guests will be required to distance six (6) feet (3 seats) apart from the nearest party on the row.
  • Exit after events will be staggered in alternating rows in 20% mass at any one given time until such time the house is empty. Loitering will be discouraged.
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