ARENAThe Classic Center

Downtown Athens, GA

The Classic Center Arena project will include designing and constructing a new public assembly facility/arena space and related areas to accommodate a permanent seating capacity of approximately 5,500.  

Public input sessions have been hosted at The Classic Center to welcome community feedback on the project.  See session recordings and details below:

Arena 5

April 5, 2021 @ 6:30 p.m.
The Classic Center Grand Hall


Public Meeting #1 will introduce or reintroduce the public to the basic facts about The Classic Center Arena project.  At this meeting all information that has been previously published will be re-presented including:

  • The process that has led to this point
  • Information about The Classic Center Arena location, potential capacities, costs
  • Economic and community rationale for constructing the new Classic Center Arena
  • Potential economic impacts for the community and the region 
  • Proposed improvements in the area around The Classic Center; from North Thomas Street to the River, and for the area North of East Broad Street
  • Potential events that can take place at the new Classic Center Arena
  • Critical program areas that are needed within The Classic Center Arena
  • Project goals for sustainability, energy efficiency, and resiliency for the project
  • Public hopes and biggest concerns regarding The Classic Center Arena project
  • Public input of what will make the project a great success


For additional information, please contact Marcus Vess 678.520.3067 or email