Classic Galleries

Third Thursday Classic Galleries

Classic Galleries I & II, Presented by Acura
The Classic Center

Classic Gallery I: “Spotlight: Paintings by Amy Watts”

  • Featuring cowgirls, farmers, miners, indigenous peoples, and angels on big, bold, colorful canvases that bring to mind stained glass windows and Work Place Administration murals.

Classic Gallery II: “Light Bright” by Alivia Patton, Allison McPheeter, and Caitlin Gal

  • This exhibition is inspired by our childhood toy, Light Brite. Remember piercing through the board with little, colorful, plastic pegs to create glowing compositions? Artists Alivia Patton, Allison McPheeter, and Caitlin Gal all utilize circles in their artwork to create inspiring pieces. Caitlin Gal’s paintings joyfully point to plant life and biology using a bright color palette and Matisse-inspired shapes. Allison McPheeters uses drawing as a means to relax and her intricate repeated mark reads as a sort of meditation. Alivia Patton shows the transformation of form in her works that resemble a target, a planet, or an eyeball.


For more information and how to purchase art, please contact Co-Curators Didi Dunphy and Jaime Bull at

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The artists featured in the last series of galleries are as follows:

  • James Burns
  • Jonah Cordy
  • Maggie Davis
  • Carol MacAllister
  • Jason Matherly
  • Thompson Sewell
  • Sydney Shores
  • Allison Ward
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